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At ‘henna and jewels‘ we are dedicated to provide the best henna products and bridal jewellery to our customers aswell as offering an exceptional henna application service.

We offer a selection of beautiful Bridal jewellery for your special day alongside more casual pieces. We also offer customised bangles sets. Get in touch for bespoke bangles

The premium and bridal quality henna powder we use, is sourced from Rajasthan, India so you can rest assured your henna cones are of the highest quality. 100% Natural Organic henna cones, resulting in the best possible stains. 

If you would like to have a look at our portfolio, please head over to our Instagram page @hennaandjewels

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  • Husna
    I can't thank enough for her service, I recommend her to everyone I can and I'd absolutely love to go back to her for more mendhi soon.
  • Anonymous
    When the stain fully developed the colour was amazing! It was so dark and the pattern included everything I wanted and more!
  • Anonymous
    I enjoyed the whole process of choosing and discussing the design and then when it came to the actual mendhi day, she worked patiently on filling both my hands and feet with care and attention. I was in awe of her precision and accuracy MashaAllah.
  • Anonymous
    My bridal mendhi experience was amazing! Right from the trial, she made me feel totally at ease. I was wary of any additives due to my sensitive skin, but she reassured me her own henna blend is 100% natural.
  • Anonymous
    She truly did an amazing job at my bridal mendhi , I gave her a rough idea as to what I wanted and left the rest to her, the best decision I made! The design was so beautiful and intricate I couldn’t stop staring at it! As for the stain , I followed the after care routine well which resulted in the darkest mendhi stain I’ve ever had! I can’t wait to get mendhi done by her again, I would definitely Recommend her for all your occasions and especially your big day!
  • Katherine
    I wanted to say thank you so much again for doing my bridal henna! You made the whole process so comfortable and you were really professional. I loved how detailed and intricate your work was. Your aftercare was so helpful and the stain was amazing! It went so dark. Thank you so much!
  • henna_vibe
    Thank you so much for the most amazingly smooth cones! They were an absolute joy to use and the colour was awesome. Highly recommend
  • Ayesha Arif
    Your henna is so easy to apply and to hold and texture is so good aswell. I love the stain! So far your henna is the best I have used.
    Ayesha Arif
  • mehndi_by_maryamk
    I found the new premium henna cones to be very smooth and stringy making henna application really fast, especially for intricate designs. The stain was also much more rich deeper colour burgundy, even after zero aftercare and not keeping on the paste for long! ❤️
    Henna Artist
  • walsallmehndi
    The cones are amazing!! I can't stress that enough. The consistency is Perfect! Not too dry, not too watery. The smooth application is to die for. The smell isn't overwhelming, its subtle. The best bit is the stain...it's OUT OF THIS WORLD !!!!
  • Anonymous
    The paste is a dream to work with and the stain is just toooo amazing 😚 It didn't even get blocked once!

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